Support Mrs. Sasala's Project!

Support Mrs. Sasala's Project!
Posted on 07/19/2018
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Hands On- Developmentally Appropriate Learning Tools

My students need activities that will help build their fine motor skills with their critical thinking and academic skills. These tools allow us to build differentiated activities that can be reused throughout the school year!

My Students
Our students are from the Cleveland area. We have a wide range of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds but they all have one thing in common. They love to learn!

Our students are energetic, curious, active and naturally engaged learners.

Have you ever spoken to a 4-6 year old? How many questions did they ask? Now multiply that by at least 20. Our students are natural learners. They want to know the how, why, where, when, what of everything.

Projects that are funded through our Donors Choose page will embrace their natural love for learning and enhance their educational experience. Our students need your support in order to bloom into magnificent scholars!

My Project
We have found that so many of our incoming kindergartners are coming in lacking fine motor skills that are critical for their academic success. Technology has made our daily lives exponentially easier. It has also hindered some of our younger ones. They have grown up swiping and sliding their fingers on screens instead of building, scribbling, drawing and holding useful tools. The pincer grip that you use to hold your writing utensils is greatly under developed in many of our incoming kindergartners.

With your funding, our students will gain the tools to help us build the skills that many of them no longer come in having.

The gator tweezers, fun scissors and hole punchers specifically target the muscles that are lacking in strength and ability for basic tasks like coloring, holding a pencil and writing their names. The word games, sentence builders, and math games involve academic skills with hands on activities that build hand-eye coordination, pincer grip (moving/picking up items) spacial reasoning, critical thinking, team work and social skills to work within a structured game.

Strengthening our fine motor abilities will reduce the stress and feelings of failure that our struggling students often feel at the beginning of the year. Many come to our school without any previous experience in a preschool or structured school-like environment. A great majority of our time at the beginning of the year is spent on building skills that our students used to come in with.

Academic achievement is not our only goal that we will accomplish with your funding. We are building the foundation upon which our students will build their futures. Students will also learn cooperation, problem solving, sharing and kindness by participating in our centers and activities that we create throughout the year.

Thank you for your support!

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Support Mrs. Sasala's Project!