About Us

Constellation Schools: Old Brooklyn Community Elementary (OBCE) is committed to educating the whole child utilizing methods and strategies that are developmentally appropriate and focus on life long learning. All adopted curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards and the revised Ohio Standards, which correlates to what the Ohio Department of Education expects a child should be able to achieve at a particular grade level.

Equally important to the high level’s of academic achievement, OBCE is also committed to providing students with opportunities to work collaboratively in an environment centered around strong Character Traits.

Character Education is an important element of the curriculum at OBCE. Character Education is not taught as a separate subject, rather it is integrated throughout the curriculum, providing students with real life examples, which will serve to demonstrate that values are important and play a role in every decision that is made. This assures that our Character Education Program is meaningful and students are provided with opportunities to experience the importance of positive traits in many settings and circumstances. High standards of conduct are closely related to high levels of achievement and the expectation is that our students will be successful life-long learners. As part of the Character Education Program, all teachers at OBCE hold their students responsible for their learning and have set high academic and behavioral expectation which the children adhere to. Monthly goals are set in each classroom and the obtainment of these goals are celebrated monthly at a whole school “Pep Rally”.

OBCE utilizes a RTI (Response to Intervention) program to ensure that the academic needs of all students are met. Students that may need extra assistance in an academic area are identified and provided with the assistance early in the school year to provided needed supports and interventions.

Differentiated instruction is provided in all classrooms to ensure that the individualized needs of each student are met. The enrichment and interventions that are provided are based on best practices and ensure that students are successful within the school. Furthermore, instruction is enhanced through the use of technology, and project based learning.

To ensure that students have reached specific academic goals, ongoing assessment takes place at Old Brooklyn Community Elementary. Students are assessed with both norm referenced tests as well as criterion referenced tests. Curriculum based measures and classroom assessments are also utilized. The following assessments are in place at Old Brooklyn Community Elementary:

  • AIMSweb
  • KRA-Kindergarten Readiness Assessment
  • MAP Assessment Tests
  • Classroom Assessments

Parent Involvement is a critical component to the success of our school. Parents are viewed as partners in the educational process and are encouraged to become actively involved. This involvement can take on many different forms whether it is assisting your child with his/her homework or volunteering during the school day. Working together we can provide your child with the best education that he/she deserves!

The following special programs and community involvement enhance the curriculum:

  • Cleveland Public Library
  • Ohio Reads
  • Key Bank Volunteers
  • Cleveland Zoo
  • Career Day
  • Nature Center Program
  • Great Lakes Science Center
  • Hoe Down
  • Movie Night
  • Roller Skating Night
  • 100 Day Activities
  • Character Education Recognition
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Young Audiences
  • Art House
  • Cleveland Playhouse
  • Cleveland Nature Center
  • Patterson's Fruit Farm
  • Mapleside Farm
  • Kindness Club

All Constellation Schools are public schools with no tuition. They are privately run, proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families.